Dioworks is an e-learning design company focused on using technology as enablers to make learning easy, engaging and effective. Premised on innovative designs, pedagogy and research, we provide quality learning experiences for learners globally. Dioworks offers bespoke solutions for organisations to integrate learning, training and assessment of work-based competencies via blended learning strategies. Specifically, we combine the strengths of Classroom-Facilitated Learning, Online Courses and our "Kinetic Coach" automated response training solution to equip learners with future-ready work skills.


DIOWORKS is the leading global expert in shaping technology-enabled learning.


DIOWORKS develops innovative products and services to provide quality learning experiences for learners globally.


Michael has experience in leading a team of e-designers in developing more than 10 e-courses for adult educators with the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) and for the private sector. He was also the Assistant director, Learning and Professional Development Division in IAL for about 6 years. He was the primary developer for the Curriculum Design and Instructional Design Modules in DACE (version 1). He has been training and supervising DACE learners for the past 6 years.


Bryan Tay has been a CET professional since 2009, specialising in learning design, curriculum development and training. His professional knowledge and experience straddles across several industry sectors such as logistics, freight forwarding, shipping consultancy, maritime transportation, maritime defence cruise tourism and adult education. He has assumed various appointments in senior management roles, including a six-year stint in Europe and China. Bryan has worked with key Training Providers to design and develop workplace learning programmes and curriculum for blended learning, including the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). He is also an adjunct Specialist Adult Educator at the Institute for Adult Learning for ACTA and DACE programmes and a certified Workplace Learning Facilitator.

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