October 31, 2019

We first created our chatbots for learning more than 2 years ago, to experiment with the pedagogical impact on learning. What we found was astonishing. We will describe some of our own experiences in getting different enterprises on board to use some technology in their current work processes. A lot of the technology is new and still evolving, we will hav...

April 18, 2019

The two tragic air crashes involving Air Ethiopia and Air Lion recently taught us over-reliance on automation can be fatal. Allowing for quick human intervention to over-ride the system when it is failing is critical. However, the question remains – if human operators accustomed to automation are required to switch back to manual mode, will they be able t...

March 31, 2017

Meeting Minister was a learning experience for me. The learning was enriching not because there was a lot of juicy information leaked to me, there wasn't, but rather the manner in which Minister carried himself in a most serious and thoughtful approach when dialoguing with us that made me sit up. I learned that humility and stateliness can co exist and th...

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